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Recently I treated myself to Ellen Degeneres’ Book ‘Home’. The books sat by the dozens on the floor at Chapters and I couldn’t help but grab one. I didn’t even leaf through it first – as I might do before investing in a hardcover like this. Something about the interesting cover told me it would be worth the money.  My work calls for new inspiration and this looked promising….after all who can resist Ellen? At the very least it had to contain some funny text.

Well… the book certainly did more than deliver inspiration for me. From her humorous ( what else) introduction to the display of utter graciousness by way of naming the designers and shopkeepers who inspire her the book is a treasure. The emphasis on the unique is unparalleled.

The book is packed with pages of incredible, interesting interiors of homes she has lived in along with tips and ideas of how they created these. There is a section at the end depicting the amazing antique shops, galleries and stores where many of the wares come from. There is a huge respect for artful objects, sculpture, texture, antiques and modern classics used in these spaces. The character created in each room makes you want to tour and explore every one of these houses and yes…live there! Ha!

The book is also featured in Jan. ’16 issue of House and Home celebrity style section. The chosen header on pg. 34 is ‘A neutral palette’ and mentions that despite Ellen’s colourful personality she uses neutral colours for walls and flooring. Interestingly this is directly followed by another article called ‘The New Palette’ where it states the jewel tones are coming back! Ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues are surfacing again in decor. This can be confusing for folks I know. While these colours are gorgeous and when used properly they can certainly be a stand-out in any decor they must be used very thoughtfully. Paint, after all, can do so much for a room but it can also do everything and that can take away from the character created by the layering of objects, furnishings, art, textures and well, the things that make Ellen’s houses so amazing!

The business of design requires careful consideration at all times when dealing with clients preferences and how they want their homes or offices to look. It is my job to guide people through it and to help determine what they can live with long term. Long term is the key when investing in good design and use of colour is one of the first things we talk about. In this six part series I am writing I would like to explore ideas that might help you get started or even finish a room or rooms in your space so that you are as comfortable and inspired living in them as Ellen is in hers! We may not live in Los Angeles….but beautiful interiors can be achieved anywhere if you know what to do! I vow to inspire you with my next piece….stay tuned!