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London, Ontario
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Recently I decided to ‘clear out’ some of my two sons things from the lower level of our house. We have lived there over 25 years and the accumulation has been…well…lets just say that the hockey equipment alone could outfit an NHL team for a season. The boys are gone now though and they don’t need to use Mom and Dads house as a storage warehouse anymore. High five.

This is me standing in front of some of the stuff they are going to be sorting through this month. If they happen to see this on FB….then great! They have been publicly informed!

How will I use the free space? Well…for starters one room has just been painted all white. A blank canvas so to speak. I am going to let it sit there a while and just look at it occasionally. Eventually something may make its way in…but it won’t be a piece of athletic equipment or a box of baseball caps that have accumulated from 28 years of child rearing. One has to start somewhere and although I miss my boys and their friends and all that came with that…..I am as happy as a robin with a worm about this. I can now practice what I have been saying to clients for years….clean out the clutter and reclaim! (Leonard Cohen song in the background here).
If you need some help doing this because you just don’t have the time then feel free to contact me. I have a secret and know some very great people who can help you get started!