Your dreams will be in the careful hands and creative minds of the Decor Resource team, led by Laurie Battersby.

London, Ontario
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About Us


We are the team that ensures your dreams come home to live.

Your dreams will be in the careful hands and creative minds of the Decor Resource team, led by Laurie Battersby. Laurie’s nearly 30 years of design and lifestyle experience ensures your vision becomes reality. She is experienced enough to create timeless and classic design, while contemporary enough to recommend the very best approaches that work for you and your family.

All design projects are inherently messy before they are beautiful. A project manager will guide you through all of this who knows first-hand what you will experience; both the complexity of the work and the joy of seeing dreams come alive. We simplify the details and bring order to the chaos.

We select the finest craftspeople to complete your vision. We only work with people who care about your dreams as if they were their own

We offer a full range of residential renovation & design services including space planning,furniture, flooring & lighting selections, window treatments, custom cabinetry, colour consultations, painting & wallpaper.


You could say we’ve done kitchens, family rooms, master bedrooms, bathrooms and every room in your house imaginable. Our clients would say we’ve done comfort, cosy, calm, serene, timeless, classic, warmth, style, beauty, family, friends and love.

Our clients want their homes to be ready for entertaining family and friends yet don’t know where to start.

Decor Resource. Where dreams come home to live.

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We primarily work with families & individuals who want their home to be a timeless statement of what they value most in life. We will work with any budget however we will never sacrifice quality to do so. You understand you get what you pay for; and cheap alternatives to living well don’t bring the results you want.

In a world where people are rushing and under constant pressure, we’re the team that slows things down and helps introduce a sense of calm and serenity back to your life. Your home should be a sanctuary; a welcome respite from the mad, mad world.

We’re the team that brings those dreams home to live.


Our team can oversee a multi-faceted renovation project or provide a simple design consultation. No matter what you need the process is largely the same.

We start with a quick phone call to begin understanding the vision you have for you and your family. We then schedule a visit to your home to ensure we see the place where your dreams will come home to live.

When you decide to proceed with the work, we’ll prepare quotes and schedules for you which outline the work to be done and when we expect it to be completed. 

Laurie’s consulting time includes in-person appointments, phone and email consultations as well as any time she spends sourcing materials, preparing plans and any other work to ensure your dreams come alive.

Consultations are simple enough; renovations are another matter. They are complicated. You’ll be excited in the early days as plans are unveiled and the tear down begins. Inevitably you’ll begin to tire of contractors coming and going and progress zooming ahead at times and coming to a complete stop at others. This is when you will appreciate the schedules we have provided you and the assurances they give that we’re on track; and if not, what the plan is to get back on track. And soon enough, the day will come when you open your front door and start living the reality of what was once but a glimmer of a dream.

We’re just a phone call or email away. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Team That Ensures Your Dreams Come Home To Live